What are the Different Types of Fitness Equipment Mats?

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Not everyone heads to the gym to stay in shape, especially since it is now possible to purchase fitness equipment that is ideal for working out at home. Such equipment is often large and bulky. This is necessary to ensure that it is sturdy enough for anyone to safely exercise on it, but it can also scare some people away since they do not want a large machine destroying their floors over the years. Fitness equipment mats can eliminate this issue while ensuring that the machine does not move from its designated spot while being used.

Using a yoga mat is quite popular among many, whether they actually practice yoga or not. Some use this type of mat to dance or do aerobics on, as it cushions their joints much better than the typical floor does. Others use an exercise mat to do crunches, push-ups, leg lifts, and any other moves that require them to lie on the floor. This extra support can make exercise as comfortable as possible without harming the bones and joints. Similarly, fitness equipment mats are also meant for protection, except they are made to guard floors from damage, and protect exercisers from danger.


Most exercise equipment is meant stay in the same place. A stationary bike, an elliptical, and a treadmill are all examples of machines that simulate the motion of moving forward while staying in the same place. Occasionally, though, users accidentally move the machine as they work out, especially if they are overly enthusiastic about the movement. A machine sliding across a floor can not only cause a user to panic and possibly fall off, but it can also damage the floor. Additionally, heavy machines can leave unattractive indentations in carpeting.

For these reasons, fitness equipment mats exist. One type of mat is ideal for large machines, such as stationary bikes, stair steppers, ellipticals, and treadmills. It is usually made out of heavy-duty foam or rubber, and is just large enough to fit nearly any type of machine on it. It has the added bonus of reducing the amount of dust that gets into the machine, and can also eliminate excess noise from the equipment.

Some people need fitness equipment mats in odd shapes or sizes. This is especially true for those with large weight sets and benches. In fact, some exercise enthusiasts make a home gym out of an entire room, and want a mat large enough to cover the floor. For this reason, interlocking rubber fitness equipment mats are available. This kind is usually in the form of squares of rubber that can be purchased as needed, allowing users to buy more as they add on to the gym over time.



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