What Are the Different Types of Financial Help for Students?

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Financial help for students is often necessary if they wish to attend college, since the costs for those institutions are significantly high. Fortunately, there are many types of financial aid available for students depending upon their specific circumstances. The most common form of financial help for students is a student loan, which allows a student or his or her family members to take out a loan that will cover the majority of college costs. Other common forms of financial aid are grants, scholarships, and work-study programs.

The goal of a college education is a common one for young people from all parts of the world, since a college degree can help improve future prospects and provide an invaluable life experience. Costs for such an education can be more than many students and their families can handle. These costs can include tuition, room and board, books, lodging, and much more. For those reasons, the types of financial help for students must be understood by all those who wish to go to college along with those who support them.


Student loans are effective forms of financial help for students. The idea behind them is that the student, or his or her family, gets money upfront to handle the costs of going to college. Terms for student loans usually allow them to be paid back over a significant amount of time that goes well beyond the end of a student's college years. Ideally, when the student puts his education to use and finds an occupation, he will be well-equipped to pay the loan back.

Another excellent method of financial help for students is a grant. A grant can be issued by a federal government or a private group and usually is awarded to those students who are in the most need of financial assistance to attend college. Unlike a loan, a grant is a gift and need not be returned by the student.

One other type of financial help for students that a student does not need to pay back is a scholarship. A scholarship is usually awarded in honor of some sort of achievement, either in academics or in some extracurricular activity, by a student prior to college. Although the scholarship does not need to be paid back, a student that receives one often has to maintain some level of achievement in college to avoid losing it. Work-study programs are also available as financial aid, allowing needy students to work jobs on campus to help pay off the costs of their education.



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