What are the Different Types of Financial Consultant Services?

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Financial consultant services cover a very broad realm of financial concerns for both businesses and individuals. Most financial consultants are professionals with more than a decade of experience in the financial world. For truly momentous financial decisions, using financial consultant services can help provide a comprehensive, independent analysis of the situation. Some of the different types of financial consultant services include business venture analysis, investment advice, estate management, and debt counseling.

Businesses often hire a financial consultant or consulting firm to provide an analysis of any major business decisions. New product plans, expansions, and company restructuring are all different types of issues for which a company may need an independent, professional review. Business-related financial consultant services can help analyze proposals and raw data, incorporate information on risks and create market forecasts, and come up with preliminary cost vs benefit assessments. While a business may choose to go its own way despite the results of the analysis, financial consulting services can help a company refine its plans and be prepared for likely possible outcomes.


For investors, financial consultant services revolve around portfolio analysis and management. Consultants in this field may be referred to as financial advisors or investment managers, and may provide different services depending on the exact scope of their positions. In addition to providing risk assessments for new investments, consultants may be able to analyze the performance of an investor's portfolio and suggest and implement changes to increase earnings. Investing consultants work with businesses as well as individual investors, and may provide consulting services on company-wide investment programs, such as pension funds.

A person may hire a financial consultant to help organize the details of a complicated estate. Someone with a lot of assets, investments, and property, may simply not have the financial acumen to be able to manage exceptionally complex financial arrangements. Estate planners can not only help manage and maintain estates while the client is alive, but also help set up trusts and the distribution of assets following the death of the client. Creating a comprehensive estate plan with a reputable consultant can help ease the process of asset distribution for loved ones and heirs.

People and businesses in serious debt trouble may need the services of a financial consultant. When debt starts to become overwhelming, some may simply assume that the only possible answer is bankruptcy. Debt-related financial consultant services can sometimes help illuminate and plan other options, such as debt consolidation or liquidation of some assets. If bankruptcy is the best option, a financial consultant may also be able to advise clients on how to legally protect some assets from seizure.



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