What Are the Different Types of Eyebrow Treatments?

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The variety of eyebrow treatments makes it easy for those who want to perfect their eyebrows to be able to do so. Tweezing is the most common form, especially for quick touch-ups. Waxing and threading are two additional methods used for basic upkeep, but are often done by professionals, as is eyebrow tattooing, which is a semi-permanent method that corrects flaws in eyebrows. Tinting the eyebrows is a method that allows the eyebrows to be dyed a different color.

Tweezing is typically considered the easiest to do of all the eyebrow treatments. The pair of tweezers, which grips small pieces of hair in between its tips, can remove the hair from the root to give the eyebrows a more clean look, especially as the hair starts to grow back in. The thinner the tip of the tweezer is, the easier it is to grab the smallest hairs.


Waxing consists of putting a thin layer of wax on the area where hair needs to be removed, placing a thin cloth strip over it, then pulling it up in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The area is red after the treatment so it's best to put a cream on top in order to soothe it. When the treatment is done incorrectly, it can result in a number of problems, including burned or bleeding skin or too much hair removed. Waxing is one of the semi-permanent eyebrow treatments that prevents hair from growing back for two to six weeks.

Threading involves twisting a piece of thread and pulling either end of it as the twisted part moves across the eyebrow and pulls out a straight line of hair. Unlike other eyebrow treatments, it doesn't require using harsh chemicals or methods which can leave skin irritated and red. It's relatively inexpensive and is typically considered less painful than other treatments.

Eyebrow tattooing is semi-permanent and is used in the cases where the eyebrows are flawed, such as in the case of over-plucking. The tattooing is done where there are gaps or problem areas so that the person doesn't have to use an eyebrow pencil on a daily basis. Considering the semi-permanent nature, it's vital to find a technician who is specially trained in doing this treatment.

Eyebrow tinting is similar to dyeing the hair on the head; the preferred color dye is applied to the eyebrows, left on for a period of time, then carefully removed. Typically, this treatment is done to match the color of the person's hair color. The dye can cause damage to the eyes and eyesight if it's not applied properly, so it's one of the eyebrow treatments that's usually best left to a professional.

Considering the eyebrows are a focal point on the face, they should be treated with extreme care, even when doing something as seemingly simple as tweezing. One mistake and it could cause the hair to never grow back in that area. To prevent any errors, refer to a professional unless fully skilled in how to perform the treatment.



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