What are the Different Types of Evening Courses?

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Evening courses come in many forms and are offered by a plethora of education and training institutions. They are usually aimed at the working adult who may have difficulty taking classes at any other time due to work schedule. In recent years, there’s been a trend toward offering weekend courses too, which may better fit the schedules of some workers. What is offered in a night class is variable, and could be anything from remedial instruction to classes that are part of law school training.

Some evening courses are used specifically to help those trying to pass a GED or to acquire language skills. In the US, for instance, there are a number of free or low-priced adult schools that offer high school education instruction and English as a second language (ESL) classes. A recent trend has some of these publicly funded schools closing due to budget cuts, but there are still places people can take ESL or remedial classes that would make up for a missed high school education. Quite a few community colleges have many remedial classes that are offered in the evening, and while there is some cost associated with this studying, it is still usually much less expensive than private schooling.

Many people want to train for a new career, but can’t afford to stop working while they train. Lots of community college certificate programs, and vocational or trade schools have evening courses so people can learn something new while remaining at work. It should be noted that a full day’s work plus a full evening’s classes is a fairly rigorous schedule. Some people opt to complete a program in a longer time period because work plus school is too challenging.

Another variation on evening courses is the many night classes that are taught over a shorter time period. People might find night classes that teach things like CPR, income tax preparation or other subjects. These can be offered through a variety of private agencies, and community centers may also have classes on many subjects. Some SAT/ ACT prep courses are taught in the evening, too, to accommodate student’s schedules.

Many colleges now offer a number of their classes in the evenings. As with other evening courses, these are meant to offer working students an opportunity to attend when it is most convenient. Usually more evening classes are available on campuses where the student population is statistically older. A student who is full time and takes mostly morning classes, may not be particularly thrilled with the notion of night studies too, and sometimes schedules simply don’t work without taking evening courses. On this issue, it can be said that universities try to serve their total population, and they don’t always make choices that can please every student on campus.


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