What Are the Different Types of Entryway Shelves?

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Entryway shelves can make a drab entryway more attractive as well as more functional. Many designs exist, and they will range in size, materials, features, and cost. Many varieties of entryway shelves will also feature hooks for hanging coats, while others may be more of a cubby style in which hats and gloves can be stowed. Other shelves may be very simple designs that are little more than wooden boards affixed to a wall to act as storage for any number of items. A homeowner considering installing shelves in an entryway will first need to take careful measurements of the space to determine how large of a shelf will be possible.

Some entryway shelves come as a kit that includes other pieces of entryway furniture such as an independent bench that can be placed on the floor beneath the shelf. These kits may include other pieces as well, such as coat hooks or hangers, wicker baskets that fit perfectly into cubbies in the bench or on the shelf, and other useful items. The quality of these kits will depend on the materials used for constructing them; wood is the most common choice of material, though metal is also an option.


Entryway benches with tall backs often feature entryway shelves as well. The bench and shelves are all one unit, and the unit can be quite large, so before purchasing one, the homeowner will need to make sure there is enough space in the entryway for it. The type of shelves affixed to the bench will vary; many are cubby-style shelves in which items can be stowed, while other models may feature just a thin shelf for smaller items. The unit may even feature several smaller shelves on either side of the bench's backing, where a mirror is often mounted.

The smallest entryway shelves are often used as key holders and may even feature key hooks beneath the shelf. These very small units can be mounted just about anywhere, since the shelf will not be holding a significant amount of weight. The shelf can hold a wallet, keys, sunglasses, and other small items, and if the shelf features hooks as well, keys, dog leashes, and even some hats can be hung from the hooks for added convenience and functionality. Larger items such as coats should not be hung from such hooks on the smallest shelves, since the weight can pull the unit right out of the wall.



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