What Are the Different Types of English Learning Resources?

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Various types of English learning resources may be found at public libraries or schools. The most common educational resource for learning and mastering the English language are textbooks and workbooks. These supplementary learning materials can help people study at home or in the classroom. Teaching resources may include interactive games as well. Many people who wish to learn English, choose to work individually with an English translator or tutor. This can provide the benefit of learning the language through one-on-one instruction.

English learning resources vary according to the student's level of experience. For instance, a student who understands the fundamentals of English may wish to broaden his knowledge on various aspects of the language. For these students, reading materials that teach usage, grammar, or sentence structure may be helpful.

Anyone who wants to learn English as a second language may be helped by manuals that can be downloaded online. Additionally, computer software programs and applications may be beneficial learning tools. English learning resources with a user-friendly interface can make learning the concepts of English fun for children as well. Downloadable electronic reading material, commonly referred to as e-books, are often free of charge or low cost.


Checking with local colleges and community centers may be helpful in finding English learning resources. Courses may involve private sessions or instruction in a group setting.

Those who wish to learn English often rely on instructional video and audio programs. These may be played on a digital versatile disc (DVD) player or compact disc (CD) player. Audio and video lessons are preferred by those who prefer to learn the language at their own convenience, without having to leave the home for classroom instruction. Many experts believe that hearing the English language spoken may help students learn faster.

Although it may not be the most widely used English learning resource, some learn the language through Internet podcasts. These digital media files are often in MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (mp3) format. The files may be downloaded and synchronized to a digital mp3 player, where English students may listen in private with a set of headphones.

One of the more basic or simple English learning resources is the English dictionary. The dictionary contains English words and their meanings and may be found in textbook formats or online. Additionally, English translation software may be downloaded through the Internet.



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