What are the Different Types of Endurance Products?

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The different types of endurance products include exercise and fitness products, fitness drinks and nutrition bars, and health supplements. Endurance products are used by athletes and people working to stay in shape as a means to get or stay fit. Depending on the fitness level of the individual, a mixture of endurance products may be used.

Exercise and fitness products are the most common type of endurance products. Elliptical trainers, recumbent bikes, exercise bikes, and treadmills all fall into the category of exercise and fitness products. Elliptical trainers, which are also known as cross trainers, are exercise machines that provide a range of movement and simulate walking without causing stress on the joints.

To use an elliptical trainer, the individual steps onto the foot pad, grasps firmly to the poles then starts the machine. The stationary machine then allows the individual to swing their arms and move their legs as if they are walking or cross country skiing. The exercise increases the heart rate and, if used on a regular basis, increases endurance.


Recumbent bikes are one of the types of endurance products used often by people just starting a fitness regime. Recumbent bikes allow the rider to lie in a reclining position with their legs out in front. This position puts less pressure on the back and spine and allows the legs to do most of the work. Exercise bikes, however, require the person to sit upright and require more erect posture and balance. Both types of endurance products build stamina and many athletes use both types during their workouts.

Treadmills are a used by people of all fitness levels and are primarily used to build endurance. A treadmill requires the person to place their feet on a belt that moves at a predetermined speed. Most treadmills have speeds that range from a stroll to a sprint and may also include different degrees of incline. To build endurance, incline functions are used in conjunction with speed to keep the heart rate in the elevated target zone.

Fitness drinks and nutrition bars are types of endurance products marketed by both the sports and food industry. Some of the most popular drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade were developed to help replace electrolytes in athletes during intense workouts or competition. By keeping hydrated, workouts can last longer, which allows for increased endurance. Nutrition or energy bars work by giving the individual a large amount of carbohydrates or protein in a concise bar. This gives the individual the boost needed to keep muscles working and to prevent fatigue.

Health supplements are used as endurance products in conjunction with a fitness regime. Health supplements include vitamins, protein powders, herbal teas, and amino acids. Many individuals embarking on a fitness regime will also add health supplements to their diet to ensure they are receiving the proper nutrients to keep their bodies healthy. This is especially true if weight loss or diet modification is part of the fitness regime.



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