What Are the Different Types of Dry Cough Remedies?

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Having a dry cough can be a source of irritation that can leave one's throat feeling itchy and sore. Severe cases often require prescription medication from a doctor, but many milder cases can be treated by employing some dry cough remedies at home. Effective treatments include inhaling steam, throat lozenges, warm tea and drinking plenty of water. Usually these techniques will eliminate a dry cough within a few days.

Inhaling a substantial amount of steam once or twice a day is one of the most effective dry cough remedies. Steam is a great way to relieve an itchy throat and eliminate the cough. One way to produce steam is to boil up some water in a tea kettle or in a regular pot. Then the individual can position his face close enough to the kettle or pot to inhale the majority of steam. Usually ten minutes is a sufficient amount of time for this process.

The other way to use steam for therapy is to simply take a hot, steamy shower. If the bathroom has windows, they should be closed to prevent any steam from escaping. The water should ideally be quite hot, but not scalding. The individual should then breathe in deeply during the shower to get the maximum benefits. Ten minutes is the suggested amount of time for this process as well.


Throat lozenges can also be used as dry cough remedies. They are an efficient way to coat and soothe the throat, which can bring about significant relief. There are many brands and flavors on the market, but usually peppermint flavored lozenges work best.

Another of the dry cough remedies that helps is drinking warm tea. This often brings about instant relief and can quickly get the cough under control. Green tea is recommended for its health benefits, but other varieties can be used as well. Adding a spoonful of honey to the tea can add to the soothing effects. It's recommended to consume two or three cups a day.

In addition, consuming lots of water throughout the course of the day can be very beneficial. It's recommended that people drink eight glasses of water anyway, but this practice should definitely be observed when dealing with a dry cough. This should help to speed up one's recovery time and successfully eliminate the cough. Water will also help to flush out many of the toxins that the body has built up over the course of illness.



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Post 4

@feasting – I use lemon echinachea tea as a dry cough treatment. It is actually designed to coat a sore throat, so it's great at relieving ticklish coughs, as well as those that go a bit deeper.

I sweeten it with honey, and it tastes nice and citrusy. The lemon perks up my senses, but something in the tea does a great job of soothing my cough.

I'm not sure what it is. I'm just glad that something that is so enjoyable to drink is good for calming a pesky cough!

Post 3

I hate the taste of green tea. Is there any other kind of tea that could serve as a dry cough medicine? I just don't think I can bring myself to sip green tea, especially while I'm not feeling well.

Post 2

My humidifier is my best dry cough home remedy. I fill it with water and turn it on the warm setting at night before I go to bed, and I shut the door.

By the time I'm ready to go in there, plenty of steam has accumulated in the room. I sit near the humidifier, but I could pretty much sit anywhere and breathe the steam in, because it is all over the place.

I sleep with it on, too. This keeps me from waking up choking and having a horrible coughing fit.

Post 1

I get a persistent dry cough sometimes when I work in a dusty environment. The dust in the air tickles my throat, and I can't stop coughing until I get out of there.

Taking an antihistamine always helps. Keeping a few hard peppermint candies in my purse is also good, so I can suck on one when the coughing gets too intense.

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