What are the Different Types of Designer Lighting?

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Designer lighting can be found in almost any style, from contemporary table lamps to unusual one-of-a-kind creations. These lights can be as different as the designers who create them, with lights that seem to float above the room or wall sconces that produce geometric patterns on the wall. For homeowners who are concerned about the environment, designer lighting can be crafted from recycled materials. Designer lights in playful colors and styles, created for a weekend homes, are also available. In a classic home, a designer fixture may be both unique and traditional.

Lighting can often change the character of a room. A rectangular sconce that produces diffused light and creates images on the wall can change the atmosphere of a room substantially. A firefly chandelier is an unusual fixture that gives the illusion, especially after dark, that fireflies have lighted the room. The chandelier is suspended by nearly invisible wires, adding to the effect. Designer lighting can be subtle as well, such as a bedside lamp, in the shape of long stemmed roses, that provides light from slightly open petals.


Homeowners who are concerned about the environment, can choose designer lighting made from recycled materials. These lighting fixtures are made from glass, egg cartons, and soda bottles but usually are not recognizable as such. This type of lighting can be found in an variety of shapes and colors, from hanging, glass bell jars to slim, egg carton floor lamps in hues of purple, blue and yellow.

For a weekend or beach home, designer pendant lights in the shape and color of beach balls are available. Table or floor lamps fashioned out of driftwood can also evoke a sense of being at sea. A rattan light, hung with miniscule wires that creates a disk of light above a kitchen table would also fit into this theme.

If a homeowner prefers a classic look, there are more traditional types of designer lighting that use standard lights in new and creative ways. Tiffany chandeliers are popular and can be handcrafted with intricate designs and colors that are often considered works of art. Standard pendant lights with unusual glass etchings or oblong globes can enhance a traditional study or living room.



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