What are the Different Types of Credit Management Jobs?

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There are many career opportunities in the field of finance for those who would like to work as credit managers. Credit management jobs are plentiful among banking and loan companies, credit and consolidation firms, billing and collections agencies and many other independent business that provide some level of credit to consumers. Since credit is something that many people use to finance their homes, vehicles, educations, and other aspects of life, there are many credit management jobs for professionals who work well with numbers and people.

Credit management jobs are available among the thousands of banking, credit card and loan companies around the world. From small loan companies to large banks and financial institutions, credit managers provide support to consumers at every level. Credit managers in banks and loan firms process credit applications, review consumers’ credit histories and approve or deny requests for credit. In addition, sales and credit managers may work with other businesses to negotiate terms of credit on a commercial level which can bring in additional revenues.


In addition to working in banks and financial institutions, credit management jobs may be found in public and privately owned companies such as vehicle dealerships, home mortgage companies, hospitals, colleges and universities, as well as small payday loan, title loan or short-term loan companies. The purpose of credit managers at these types of establishment is to help consumers with obtaining the financial means to make purchases or pay for unexpected expenses. In most cases, credit management jobs are in place to process, review and approve credit applications so that loans can be put in place to pay for various expenses.

In credit and consolidation firms, credit management jobs play an important role in lending money and handling repayment plans more responsibly. Credit managers who work at credit and consolidation firms work closely with consumers to ensure they are able to handle the financial commitments of taking out sums of money for various purchases, such as home buying, education or transportation needs. Consolidation credit managers work with consumers to help manage the repayment of these loans by combining the loans into one smaller loan with lower payments, which takes some of the financial strain off consumers and helps to maintain good credit.

Other credit management jobs exist within billing and collections agencies, which are plentiful as a result of millions of consumers and businesses getting behind on payments. Credit managers work with consumers and businesses that have fallen behind due to a number of factors, such as loss of income due to unemployment, rising costs of health care, production delays and other financial strains. Billing and collections managers contact clients and set up modified repayment plans which can often spread out the financial burden for a longer period of time which lowers payments and can make it easier to repay debt.



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