What Are the Different Types of Countertop Storage?

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Countertops in the home are most prevalent in two locations: the kitchen and the bathroom. Countertop storage in both of these places will vary according to the amount of available counter space as well as the amount of items in need of storage. It is usually advisable to leave some countertop space available and clear at all times so cooking or cleaning can be done in the open area, which means countertop storage should aim to take up as little space on the counter as possible. In the kitchen, it is a good idea to start with glass jars or plastic containers.

Plastic containers are useful because in some cases they may be stackable. This means the user will be able to store food or kitchen gadgets in the containers, and then stack the containers away in a corner until any of the items inside are needed for use. Such countertop storage is a good choice, too, because plastic containers can be inexpensive, easy to clean, and resistant to water damage. They can also be used easily in the bathroom to store toiletry items. These containers generally come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which means it is almost guaranteed that there is a correct size and shape for just about every countertop storage application.


The downsides to plastic, however, include a high environmental impact, and a cheap aesthetic. Plastic is made from petroleum, which means the environmental impact of purchasing plastic can be high. Further, plastic is not always the most attractive choice for a space, especially in the kitchen. Many homeowners or renters choose to use glass containers in the kitchen instead. This type of countertop storage is great for storing food, cooking utensils, and other items commonly found in a kitchen, but glass will not be appropriate for the bathroom since it can shatter if dropped, leading to potential injury.

Spice racks, wine racks, pot and pan holders, and magnetic knife strips are all other useful countertop storage items. Magnetic knife strips are great because they allow the user to keep knives off the countertop altogether; this strip is usually mounted to a wall. Spice racks are usually thin enough that they can be placed on a countertop against a backsplash or wall without taking up too much free counter space. Wine racks will usually take up more space, but the bottles of wine will be protected and presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner.



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