What are the Different Types of Corporate Travel Agent Jobs?

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There are four main types of corporate travel agent jobs. These types include in-house corporate travel agents, independent corporate travel agents, virtual travel agents, and traditional corporate travel agency consultants. The main function of each type is essentially the same; however, the work place environment and contact with the client varies.

In-house corporate travel agents typically work with a company that requires a corporate travel agency to work in its offices. These agents receive a salary directly from the company or organization for whom they work. For example, an architectural engineering company with multiple offices in the US and in Europe may hire a corporate travel agent. This individual would be responsible for all of the company travel arrangements. Executives may travel frequently; therefore, the company benefits from having a travel agent on staff at its disposal.

Independent corporate travel agent jobs include freelance travel agents who work primarily from their home offices. This type of agent is generally self employed or works with a larger independent travel agency. These agents generally have an established set of clients and work on a commission basis for each travel arrangement made. An independent agent relies highly on word of mouth and referrals for clientele. This type of job generally requires some experience, and tends to attract those who have worked previously as a corporate travel consultant with a larger travel agency.


Virtual corporate travel agent jobs primarily connect with clients online. This type of agent can either work independently or within a virtual travel agency. Telecommuting is common in this position as the job entails communicating via the Internet and by e-mail. Corporate travelers may use virtual agents because of their experience and the ease of service allowed via the Internet. Competitive prices on travel arrangements may also attract corporate travelers to use the services of a virtual agent.

Travel agencies hire corporate travel agents to work within the agency. These are the most traditional types of corporate travel agent jobs and account for the majority of agents in business. There is a hierarchy of employment within the corporate travel agency structure that generally consists of a manager, assistant manager, and several corporate travel agents all under one roof. These agencies typically have long standing relationships with certain corporations.



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