What Are the Different Types of Corporate Housing Rentals?

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In certain conditions, professionals may need to relocate on a temporary basis to oversee some project or support operations in a new location, for instance. It's possible that a relocation could be longer term even if the change is not permanent. In any event, companies can locate corporate housing rentals to make the relocation of an industry professional go smoothly and possibly more cheaply versus other options, such as extended hotel stays. They can also utilize short-term housing arrangements, where professionals can rent from a home owner, or they can find furnished residences.

There are different situations that can lead to available corporate housing rentals. For instance, a home owner may be attempting to sell a property and, in the meantime, may need to generate some income from the residence. If the home owner attempts to use the house for corporate housing purposes, an industry professional may be able to find this opportunity through a real estate agent or by searching the Internet for availabilities. The benefit in this situation could be a minimal time commitment and possibly cheaper rates in comparison with more formal corporate housing rentals. Tenants who rent from residential home owners for corporate purposes may find flexible terms, such as a monthly agreement that releases the renter within 30 days of notice or some other short-term arrangement.


Industry professionals may be able to reside in fully furnished apartments for corporate housing rentals. This option can be among the most luxurious as some apartment complexes feature convenient amenities, including fitness club access and maid service. Also, renters might gain access to meeting rooms in the event that a location is needed for conferences. Management companies that oversee these facilities are often able to extend the greatest number of rental options, may be able to accommodate stays of various lengths, and also could house a number of individuals.

Vacation homes might be used for corporate housing rentals. In the event that a landlord is not able to rent the getaway for the property's intended purposes, the use of the home might become available for professionals. This option becomes attractive to the renter because of the ability to reside in a residential neighborhood as opposed to some hotel setting, while the landlord gains the benefit of a professional tenant and a corporation that is likely to have the necessary resources to pay rental expenses. These homes are most likely to be available in luxurious areas where vacationing is common.



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