What are the Different Types of Convention Displays?

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Convention displays highlight a business or product, display merchandise, or attract potential customers, members, or employees. Various convention display options include pop-up exhibits, panel systems, display boards, and kiosks.

Pop-ups are made of fabric, vinyl or plastic attached to a frame that expands to create the display. Pop-up exhibits can contain full-color images and some feature lighting options. These convention displays range in size from tabletop versions to freestanding larger models that create a booth wall. Pop-ups are handy features of convention displays because they are lightweight, easy to manage, and portable; cases are also available. One disadvantage is that pop-up displays are not adjustable in size once you have made the initial selection.

Panel systems are rectangular pieces that form a wall on convention displays and are available in various colors, configurations and sizes. Optional features include lights, counters, and tables. Panel displays are often more sturdy than pop up systems, but are also more difficult to assemble.

Convention displays may use a board to exhibit photos, information, or brochures related to a company or product. Display boards are popular because of their low cost, easy set-up, and portability. Some display boards contain wheels similar to luggage and others easily fold into a briefcase style case for packing.


Kiosks are free-standing displays similar to an old-fashioned lemonade stand. Kiosk-type convention displays are often used for food samples or as demonstration counters and can be imprinted with a company's logo on both the base and header of the unit. Kiosks are lightweight and portable, as they can be broken down.

Other materials such as banners, light boxes, backgrounds, and table covers can enhance convention displays. Banners often depict a company logo or other graphic image and can be custom-designed. Banners are lightweight and easily transported and also provide a visual image for convention attendees.

A portable light box, which is a framed box containing a lens, can also be used in convention displays. Light boxes illuminate an image for marketing purposes or brand recognition.

For a backdrop, some convention displays drape cloth over a pipe framework. A pull-up display, similar to a projection or window screen, creates a visual aid. Multiple pull-up displays form a wall behind a convention display table. A table cover can hide boxes and materials under a display table and also serve as a marketing tool if custom printed with a company name or logo.



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