What Are the Different Types of Construction Management Internships?

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There are not very many construction jobs where employees are asked to wear business attire rather than casual wear, but construction management is one such career. Construction management positions do not include hands-on participation in the physical remodeling or building process but instead involve overseeing these projects. College and university students who are either in the third or fourth year of school might be eligible for construction management internships that could eventually lead to full-time employment. Internships may be obtained from construction companies or through the entities that hire contractors to complete construction jobs.

Large construction jobs are broken down into phases. Depending on the season that students are engaged by a firm, the nature of construction management internships will vary. Work exposure might range from planning projects to observing them and finally inspecting the finished product.

Students may obtain construction management internships under different scenarios. For instance, there are opportunities available within corporations that have construction projects underway, such as renovations or remodeling efforts. In this setting, interns may be hired to monitor projects for the duration of the assignments. Possibly, students could get involved in the procurement process and at the very least may observe bidding and negotiation processes. Other skills may be learned if students shadow inspectors at the conclusion of projects to ensure that the work was completed according to code.


Interns who are hired to oversee construction projects at corporations may have no affiliation with the laborers. Instead, these students are present to oversee the progress of contractors on jobs alongside formal construction managers. If there is an expansion project, for instance, construction management internships might include the task of organizing employees to relocate for a period of time until the construction is complete.

Construction managers are similarly active in public projects where highways are built and new buildings, including schools and medical facilities, are created. This might involve observing or participating in the selection process for laborers for plumbing, electrical, and building services. The professional contacts that can be established throughout construction management internships may be extremely valuable. Interns will likely find themselves liaising with architects and engineers and establishing relationships that can lead to future work down the line. Also, financial skills may be obtained as interns keep track of expenses to ensure that construction throughout all of the different phases remains on task and on budget.



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