What Are the Different Types of Computer Simulation Technology?

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Different types of computer simulation technology are usually based on either software or hardware that can be used to create a wide range of different simulations. Software designed to run simulations is usually created to imitate a particular type of scenario, such as programs meant to test industrial engineering through simulations of weather and other natural events. There are a number of applications that can be approached through the use of hardware designed to recreate different setups, such as flight simulators. Other types of computer simulation technology can include a combination of hardware and software, as well as programs that are designed as emulators.

Some of the most common forms of computer simulation technology are software programs that can be used to create a number of simulated events. Different pieces of software have been designed to help people simulate various situations in order to test a range of products. For example, there are programs that can be used to recreate a realistic series of events to test how well a building might hold up to high winds and earthquakes. Other programs that have been developed as computer simulation technology include software used to test designs for cars and other commercial and industrial products prior to construction.


There are also pieces of hardware that have been created as computer simulation technology, which can be used for a variety of reasons. Some physical simulators can allow someone to train through a virtual reality or simulated scenario rather than by learning in a real world environment. Flight simulators, for example, often use hardware that emulates the internal display and controls of a cockpit, to allow pilots to learn different flight procedures in a safe setting. There are also racing simulators and a number of other pieces of hardware that can be used for similar reasons.

Many types of computer simulation technology rely on a combination of both software and hardware to allow for the simulation of an event or setting. Flight and racing simulators, for example, typically have programs that generate a virtual environment on a series of monitors, which changes based on the simulation controller. This allows users to see a virtual reality landscape that is programmed to be responsive based on input through simulation hardware.

There are also some types of computer simulation technology that are referred to as “emulators.” These software programs allow someone to emulate a different hardware or software setup, without having to use the actual hardware. For example, software developers can use emulators to test different hardware configurations for a new program, rather than building numerous physical environments for testing. Some emulators are used to recreate older pieces of technology, such as video game hardware, to allow people to play an older game on newer devices.



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