What Are the Different Types of Computer Security Alarms?

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There are two major types of computer security alarms — hardware alarms and software alarms — and each can be used in different ways. Hardware alarms are physical devices connected to computer components and an alarm system. These devices then emit a noise or otherwise indicate that someone is attempting to remove physical computer components in an unauthorized way. Software computer security alarms, on the other hand, provide security and protection regarding general computer use, though they can also be used as part of an overall security and alarm system in a home or business.

Computer security alarms are devices and programs used to promote or utilize computer security. Some of the most common types of alarms are physical or hardware alarms, which are connected to various computer devices. These are often part of a larger system and allow someone to more easily monitor computer components and protect against theft.

Hardware computer security alarms can take a number of forms, though they typically connect to a computer component, such as the monitor or case, in some way. One example is a device that connects to a steel cable that is fastened onto a computer monitor. If someone attempts to remove the cable to take the monitor, without deactivating the alarm device, then it can indicate this to a security console. This can be a subtle alert that only security professionals become aware of or it may begin emitting a loud noise.


Computer security alarms can also take the form of computer programs that are installed onto a computer. This type of software can then protect that computer in many ways, often notifying or alarming the computer owner of unauthorized use. A program, for example, might allow someone to create a username and password required to access the system. When someone attempts to use the computer without the proper information, then the software can alert the computer user through an email or text message.

There are also software computer security alarms that can allow a computer to be integrated into an existing security system or to function as an alarm. A program can be installed onto a computer that is connected to a series of motion sensors or door sensors, which activate the software when motion is detected or a door is opened, and the program then sends an alarm message. There are even software computer security alarms that can utilize a microphone connected to a computer to detect alarms going off, such as smoke detectors, and send a user alert via email or text message.



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