What Are the Different Types of Computer Science Prerequisites?

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Computer science is the field in which people design new computer-based technology. A person who is interested in becoming a computer scientist should pursue four years of undergraduate training as well as complete an internship. Other computer science prerequisites include earning advanced degrees, which make this type of individual more attractive to hiring managers in this industry.

One of multiple computer science prerequisites is the earning of a bachelor’s degree in this field, which typically takes four years. To get into this type of training program, an aspiring student needs to turn in his or her latest standardized test scores as well as submit his or her high school transcript. Filling out a chosen school’s enrollment form and sending in a high school diploma or the equivalent certification also are necessary parts of the admissions process.

A variety of computer courses prepare an individual to enter this job field. For instance, a student needs to learn how to read and write in various programming languages because he or she will use them to create websites and other innovative technologies in the workplace. Other computer science prerequisites include courses on software development and networking, which cover how computer programs work and how to link multiple computers so that they can share information with one another. These are skills that a computer scientist must master when working in a professional employment position in this area of study.


Some colleges require students to complete internships in this career area as well. A pupil should contact his or her school’s career services department to find out about local companies that are willing to accept interns. During an on-the-job training opportunity, the student needs to sharpen his or her skills with performing technical research, helping to get this information published in journals, and creating high-quality technological tools for the company to market. These tasks are computer science prerequisites that prepare trainees to assume important responsibilities when hired permanently by industry companies.

Although some employers simply require individuals to have four-year degrees, many job positions demand that job applicants possess graduate degrees. Enrolling in a two-year master’s degree program involves turning in a bachelor’s degree program transcript as well as completing the desired training institution’s admission form and passing a graduate school entrance exam. Getting into a four- or five-year doctoral degree program requires submitting a master’s degree program transcript, filling out an enrollment application, and sending in recommendation letters. These advanced-degree programs cover industry topics in a more in-depth fashion and require the completion of research projects prior to graduation. A person can enhance his or her employment opportunities by completing these computer science prerequisites.



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