What Are the Different Types of Compressor Accessories?

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There are many compressor accessories that contribute to a durable machine, including engine oil, air hoses, blow guns, fittings, and pressure gauges. A fully functional compressor may also need strong tires for portability around a workshop. Each accessory needs to operate correctly for reliable compressor use.

Similar to a car engine, one of the main compressor accessories is oil. The oil must be changed periodically to ensure that the engine parts are not scraping against each other; excessive friction can easily damage the compressor's engine beyond repair. Compressor owners should note each oil change date on a sticker placed on the machine's external surface so that preventative maintenance is not neglected.

Air hoses are compressor accessories that provide a pathway for the compressed air to move from the storage tank to the air tool or other attachment. Periodic visual inspections should be made to determine if the hose has any cracks or holes. Any small opening will allow air to seep out, which lowers the overall pressure supplied to the attachment; damaged hoses need to be replaced before resuming use of the compressor.

Blow guns are common compressor accessories that allow the user to blow dust or debris from an item or area at high pressure. This attachment should be checked periodically to confirm that the activating lever is not loose, as well as verifying that no debris has been lodged into the nozzle area. Any loose or damaged blow gun accessories must be replaced or repaired immediately.


Fittings attach to the air hose to connect various tools, from grinders to nail guns. These compressor accessories need to be visually inspected for any detachment from the hose material. Many fittings can be adjusted if they become loose, but some may be cracked or broken, which requires complete replacement.

One of the most important compressor accessories, the pressure gauge must be fully functional for safe compressor operation. These gauges are mandatory parts, designed to alert the user to the exact pressure within the machine during use. If a gauge is malfunctioning, it should be repaired or replaced before any use of the compressor is allowed.

Some compressors come with tires for easy portability; however, these tires are under a lot of strain from the machine's weight. Over time, air can seep from the tire, or cracks may appear across the rubber from old age. Users should inflate the tires periodically so that the machine's weight does not harm the rubber. Any cracks or holes should be patched, and sometimes the whole tire may need replacement.



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