What Are the Different Types of Career Counselor Jobs?

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Career counselor jobs might be found in a variety of places, such as high schools, colleges, and the military. Vocational career counselor jobs are usually found in a variety of locations since the individuals who work in this field help a wide range of people. While the end result often varies, those employed in this profession are tasked with assisting others reach their specific career and schooling goals.

Many people think high school counselors only help students make college plans. Though this might be their primary job, they also assist students who have other plans such as entering the workforce. These individuals will likely benefit from the guidance and assistance of the counselors. They might provide them with resume writing and interviewing assistance, job leads, and personal recommendations.

Career counselor jobs at colleges often involve assisting students with finding careers of their own. This usually takes place close to graduation; however, it often occurs throughout the students’ college years to help students prepare. Some people do not know what type of career they would like to work in, while others just need assistance getting to the where they know they want to be. This is large part of college career counselor jobs.


Military career counselor jobs involve giving career planning assistance to military members. This might involve assisting them with advancement opportunities in their current field of work, or assisting them in planning a change to a different field. Help might also be provided for those exiting the military, to discuss career options. Military counselors might provide a number of other services specific to the individual and the branch of service they are in.

Vocational career counselor jobs are perhaps the most general of all. Those who work in this area are usually tasked with assisting a variety of individuals identify any careers they are interested in working in. They also help these individuals learn what they need to do to get employed as well as stay employed. This might involve research, testing, or role-playing to get people ready to tackle their career goals.

Individuals who work in this type of job are often highly motivated and are genuinely concerned about those they work with. They often take a personal interest in the success of their clients. It is also important to be comfortable working with a variety of people through different modes of communication such as e-mail, telephone, or video-conferencing.



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