What Are the Different Types of Building Engineer Jobs?

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There are several different types of building engineer jobs in various disciplines which cover the design, construction, and operation of any kind of building. Career-based jobs can also deal with the day-to-day maintenance of buildings as well as extensive renovations that upgrade a variety of systems. From managing the construction process to installing and maintaining heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, building engineers have an impact on the quality of the building’s environment and the well-being of people that live or work inside of it. Building engineer jobs can also focus on managing construction but also the upkeep of the plumbing, gas lines, and electrical and sanitation systems.

No matter what aspect of building science they encompass, building engineer jobs all require a professional understand of the complex integration of systems that make up a building and its environment. The job can be working directly for a construction firm or a consulting position as an engineer for a large project. A building engineer career does not have to involve working in the building directly; the design process starts with computer aided design (CAD) programs on which engineers draw up the plans and layout for various systems on a computer. An engineering job on this level requires solid mathematical and computer skills to accurately design elements that will be put on paper and eventually be built.


Project managers oversee entire projects as the various systems and engineering facets are put into place, while other types of building engineering jobs oversee the cost of the project. Other engineers analyze how energy can be conserved; they work with alternative renewable energy sources to see how a building can meet regional energy efficiency standards or save on energy costs. The direction of a building engineering career can take a professional on a course to specialize in commercial, residential, or industrial buildings. Building maintenance engineer jobs focus on keeping individual or multiple systems in top shape, troubleshooting problems, and looking for the best way to upgrade older systems.

Building services engineer jobs can focus on particular systems such as HVAC, water, or electricity, but there are also building engineer jobs that concentrate on the structural integrity. Some engineers study how buildings resist wind or react to the forces of an earthquake. Building engineering in storm or earthquake prone areas requires experts who understand how different structures hold up to particular forces. Finding building engineer jobs requires education at the master’s or post graduate level, depending on the job and requires highly specialized, scientific knowledge.



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