What are the Different Types of Body Cleansers?

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There are many different types of body cleansers. These include body washes, facial washes, and hand washes. Even within a single category of products, there generally are numerous different types of body cleansers. A choice of products normally takes into consideration many factors such as skin conditions, fragrance preferences, and grooming habits.

For many people, the face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. It also is one of the areas that many people care the most about maintaining. The willingness by many to spend a lot of money on facial care has resulted in the development of numerous different types of body cleansers for this area.

A face wash normally is the first step in a facial skin care regimen. Face wash choices can include gels, creams, and bars of soap. There also are many formulations that typically claim to address various conditions such as sensitive, oily, or dry skin.

The second step of a facial skin care regimen may be a facial mask. These products often are designed for deeper cleaning and may not be used every day. There is a wide variety of facial masks, including some with all-natural ingredients and some that are self-heating.


Other types of body cleansers for the face include astringents and toners. These usually are liquid products that help to remove dirt and unclog pores. Such products normally are applied with sponges or cotton balls. Many people prefer when these products are alcohol-free and have added moisturizers.

Different types of body cleansers that are used in the bathtub or shower include body soap, shower gel, and body scrub. All of these generally are meant to clean most areas of the body except the face. Some people prefer one type over another, but it is common for people to use all of these. People often make their choices among these items based on fragrance and package presentation.

There are different types of body cleansers that are specifically devoted to females. These include vaginal washes, vaginal wipes, and douches. All of these items are designed to offer extra cleansing options for the genital area of a female. With the exception of a douche, most female cleansing products are for external use only.

Hand wash and hand sanitizer are cleansers that commonly are used throughout the day. These are designed to reduce the number of germs that people have on their hands. Hand washing often plays a part in public health initiatives. Cleansers can play an important role in preventing the spread of disease, as well. These items also are commonly chosen based on fragrance preferences.



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@chrisinbama: I make my own exfoliating scrub and it works great and makes my face feel fabulous! To make it, you need oatmeal, wheat germ, and cornmeal. Mix equal quantities of each in a bowl. I use two teaspoons of each. Add enough water to make a paste. Apply the paste on your face very well. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

I have used the same combination for a body scrub, as well. I just use larger amounts of each ingredient.

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@chrisinbama: Exfoliators are great to knock out your dry, dull skin. You don’t want to do it daily, though. There are many different ways to exfoliate your skin. The most elaborate would be to go to a spa or skin treatment center.

You can also buy body scrubs, hydroxyl acid body packs, and salt scrubs to exfoliate your skin. I use a walnut/apricot scrub on my face and it works great.

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Do exfoliating creams work well to cleanse your face?

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