What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Cupboard Designs?

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Options for bedroom storage can range from the relatively simple to the more sophisticated. Bedroom cupboard designs typically vary based on what kinds of items will be stored in the space. They may also be chosen based on what most suits the size and shape of the room, while the types of items that are to be stored can call for a particular sort of design. Design choices may reflect the kind of material that one prefers, or by what matches the décor of the room. Configuration and features characteristic of specific designs can also allow the units to fit in with other bedroom furnishings.

Some bedroom cupboard designs are unimposing and the units may fit in a corner or a recess in the wall. If not too many items are to be stored in it, the cupboard can be simple with just a few shelves. For more significant storage space requirements, there are designs that can extend the length of the wall and dominate the room.

A mix of shelving and space for hanging clothes is often incorporated, but the extent of each often depends on how the storage space will be used. The configuration can sometimes be adjusted after the furniture is purchased; other products may come as they are ordered. This is often the case regardless of size, but the size and shape of bedroom cupboard designs typically vary greatly so it is usually helpful to shop around before making a decision.


The materials that the bedroom furniture is made of are generally a part of the design as well. Some bedroom cupboard designs include a particular type of wood, such as mahogany or balsa, while others may feature plastic or metal. This design aspect can affect how long the furnishing will last. The material may also affect the overall look and how it reflects one’s personality and desires for the bedroom design.

An important design aspect is often also the fine details such as shelf size and whether doors are included. Solid or see-through glass doors can be a part of different bedroom cupboard designs. The choice may be a matter of look. For certain items, however, whether one wants them to be seen or not often helps determine the kind of door on the cupboard.

Some bedroom cupboard designs also include mirrors and dressers, as well as space for television sets. There are also some varieties that can include light fixtures above a dressing table. The investment in bedroom storage is usually most worthwhile when all of the aspects of the designs are taken into account.



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