What Are the Different Types of Beauty Career Opportunities?

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The world of helping people look their best encompasses a number of beauty career opportunities. Job openings exist for individuals in a number of categories, including hair stylists, makeup artists and nail technicians. Some people working in the industry choose to focus their professional aspirations on the business end of it and set up their own establishment.

Fully-trained hair stylists are always in demand and they can work in locations other than a hair salon. People in this field can find work at hotels, resorts and cruise ships as well. The first step to getting started in this field is to complete a program at a community college or trade school. Students take courses in a number of topic areas, including proper hygiene techniques, cutting techniques and how to apply hair color and other products.

Makeup artists can work in a number of types of work environments. Beauty career opportunities for people who are trained in this area can work in salons or retail establishments offering products to consumers. Some people choose to focus their aspirations on opportunities in the television and film industries, while others find work for weddings and other special occasions. A specialized course provides a good foundation for finding this type of work and can help a student choose an area of specialization.

People considering beauty career opportunities can also look at becoming a nail technician. This job involves applying gel and fiberglass nails, as well as how to perform manicures, pedicures and airbrushing. Students who have completed their training can find work in hair and nail salons, hotels, resorts and cruise ships. After they gain some experience, they may want to strike out on their own and establish their own business as well.

An experienced hair stylist can apply for an assistant manager or manager position at a salon. This person will provide cutting, styling and coloring services, as well as scheduling, ordering supplies and dealing with staffing and customer service issues. Working as a salon manager can help someone to gain the skills necessary to open his or her own business later.

People who are interested in pursuing beauty career opportunities and don't necessarily want to work on the service end of things may want to consider working on the sales or marketing end of the business. A degree in business administration will help to prepare a person for this type of work. Beauty career opportunities are also available for people who want to work for a supplier in a customer service role.



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@talentryto- Your niece will definitely have to complete medical school first before she becomes a cosmetic surgeon. Her next step would be to specialize in the field and take courses and an internship that will allow her to become board certified as a cosmetic surgeon.

Earning this certification will give her the credentials she will need to seek clients that are looking for the type of beauty services that she wants to provide.

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I have a niece who is interested in going into a field that allows her to help people look their best, but she has very big goals for her aspirations. She wants to become a cosmetic surgeon. Does anyone know what she might expect as she pursues medical school and this specialized field?

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