What are the Different Types of Barbell Sets?

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Many people lift weights and do strength-training exercises in order to build muscle mass, speed up their metabolism and get stronger. There are many types of weights available for these types of resistance exercises. One popular way to do this workout is by using barbell sets. There are two major types of barbell sets: fixed-weight sets and adjustable sets.

Barbell sets are comprised of a steel bar, collars and weights that can be placed at the ends of the bar. The steel bar typically is five to seven feet long (1.5 m to 2.1 m). Most bars have crosshatch pattern of grooves in the areas where they are held to allow lifters to achieve and maintain a good grip on them. Collars secure the end weights to the barbell to ensure that they do not come off during a lift. The end weights, which sometimes are called Olympic plates, come in a wide variety sizes, from 1 pound to 55 pounds (0.5 kg to 25 kg).

Fixed weight barbell sets usually are found in gyms and sports clubs. They cannot be adjusted, and most fitness centers have several varieties to give their customers many choices. These types of barbell sets keep lifters from having to change and move the plates when they want to add or take off weights. They simply can find the barbell with the fixed weight that they desire.


Adjustable barbell sets are the types of barbells usually found in home gyms as well as most fitness centers and sports clubs. Lifters need to purchase only one main bar, separate weight plates and collars. As lifters become stronger or desire a more difficult workout, they can add plates to their barbells. All types of barbell exercises can be done with this type. Workouts include barbell lunges and bench presses done in repetitions.

Some people use specialty barbell sets, which include the EZ curl bar, thick-handled barbell and triceps bar. The EZ curl bar has a curved gripping area that allows a wider range of motion from the user’s wrists and forearms. This can be helpful when doing upright rows, biceps curls and triceps extensions. The thick-handed barbell often is used in strongman competitions and has a more challenging grip area. The triceps bar is used for triceps extensions and is comprised of two cage-mounted parallel handles.

There are many advantages that can be gained by incorporating barbell sets into a regular workout regimen. They are the most efficient workout tools for building muscles and strength. They also work large muscle groups, which can result in fat loss and improved body coordination. Barbell workouts also tend to incorporate the core muscle groups that help increase balance and stabilization.



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