What Are the Different Types of Baby Food with Vegetables?

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Baby food with vegetables may be homemade or store bought. Organic baby food with vegetables can be a healthy alternative to traditional jarred varieties that are made with preservatives. Some types of baby food with vegetables are made without added sugar. Older infants often eat baby food with vegetables and pureed chicken or beef.

Jarred baby foods are typically labeled for different stages, according to the infant's age. For instance, a stage one starter baby food is typically created for infants who are beginning to eat solid foods. The vegetables are generally pureed for easy digestion and to prevent choking. Stage two and three baby foods are intended for older infants.

Most parents introduce vegetable baby foods after the infant becomes accustomed to eating baby cereal. Due to the unfamiliar textures, it may take some time before a baby accepts certain vegetables. Pureed yams, green beans and peas are good starter vegetables for an infant.

Preparing homemade baby food with vegetables may be done with a food processor or blender. Pediatricians do not recommend making homemade baby food with vegetables such as carrots and spinach, as the nitrates may cause anemia in some infants. Baby food with squash and sweet potatoes provide high nutritional value for infants and may be prepared at home.


There are many options for feeding a baby homemade fruits and vegetables. Depending upon how well a baby is able to chew his food, the vegetables may be pureed or mashed. Vegetable baby food may include orange or green vegetables. Potato and turnip puree is a nutritional baby food that is typically suitable for infants older than six months.

The water in which vegetables are cooked often contains vital nutrients. Instead of draining the water, it's a good idea to puree the vegetables with the cooking water, so the baby receives the nutritional benefits. Baby foods containing vegetables and meat should be consumed within a day or two.

Baby food with vegetables and rice may be given to older infants and toddlers. A rice and vegetable medley can be homemade or store bought. Cooks may mash some rice to add to the vegetables. Alternately, vegetables with soft noodles may be given to older babies and toddler who can chew well.

When preparing baby food with vegetables and meat for older infants, the meat should be diced into small pieces. Pediatricians warn against feeding an infant or toddler hot dogs, as this food may cause choking. When offering hot dogs to older toddlers, the meat should be cut into small pieces.



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