What Are the Different Types of AV Technician Jobs?

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An audiovisual technician or, AV technician, is a professional responsible for the setup, operation, teardown, and sometimes repair of audiovisual equipment. AV technician jobs differ based on specialty area as some technicians specialize in certain types of systems. They may also differ based on employment type as technicians may be direct or contract employees and may work for an AV company or for a hotel or event center.

While most AV technicians are generalists, meaning they work with all types of equipment, some specialize in one or more specific areas. AV technician jobs are available for those who specialize in lighting, sound systems, and video or audio recording. Technicians may also specialize in design, meaning that they evaluate a client’s needs and develop the most effective system. They might also specialize in equipment operation, meaning that they do not deliver and set up equipment but rather run the equipment during the event. Still other AV technician jobs focus on the repair of AV equipment.

In terms of employment type, AV technician jobs fall in to two categories. Direct employees are regular employees of a company and are paid on either a salary or hourly basis. Contractors, sometimes known as freelancers, are independently employed and work for companies as needed. They may be contracted for a set period of time or by the event and are generally paid either by the hour or by the event.


AV technician jobs are generally available with three different types of employers. AV companies specialize in maintaining and renting AV equipment for temporary events such as parties, conventions, meetings, and more. These companies employ technicians to deliver the equipment to the client site, set it up, and then remove it afterward. Sometimes, technicians also operate the equipment during the event.

Another typical employer would be a multiuse facility that holds many events needing AV equipment. Examples include hotels, convention halls, and event centers but can also include museums and colleges. AV technician jobs with these types of employers include setting up, operating, and tearing down equipment for various meetings and events and also include managing inventory, maintaining the equipment, and processing event paperwork.

Home audio and theater companies also provide AV technician jobs. In this case, the technician installs equipment purchased by the home or business owner and wires everything together. This can include televisions or projectors, speaker systems, and similar items.



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