What Are the Different Types of Architectural Engineer Jobs?

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Architectural engineer jobs are commonly found throughout the many industries related to construction and within government agencies. Potential jobs include those focused on assessing the structural integrity of a building, designing heating and air systems, and developing a lighting plan for a proposed structure. Other architectural engineer jobs are often related to the field of civil engineering and opportunities with consultant groups and non-profits.

Buildings all over the world are designed with the help of architectural engineers. They work with other professionals, such as architects and mechanical engineers, to design the various systems that go into making a building operational, such as electrical and fire protection systems. In addition, architectural engineers take into account the aesthetics of the building and work on areas of special interest for the building occupants and the surrounding community, such as energy conservation.

Engineers specializing in architectural engineering can usually find positions with construction companies and architectural firms that are focused on designing the structural components of buildings. These jobs often include traditional office-based positions and on-site opportunities that require the worker to oversee the building process and provide guidance for contractors. In addition, government agencies charged with supervising public safety may employ architectural engineers to assess the safety of a building and provide guidance when designing buildings to withstand natural disasters, like hurricanes.


Architectural engineer jobs can include those with companies that are focused on specific areas of the field. This includes positions with businesses that provide the design and installation of building systems, such as heating and air conditioning, electrical, and lighting. Professionals working for construction contractors may act as project managers on-site to ensure these systems are designed for functionality and safety, or may submit proposals and drafts to various agencies responsible for approving building designs, such as local zoning boards.

The field of civil engineering also offers possibilities for architectural engineer jobs. These engineers generally work on construction projects beyond the traditional building associated with architectural engineering. They design various structures — such as bridges, dams, and sewage systems — for both public and private entities.

Those in the profession can also seek out architectural engineer jobs beyond the traditional construction-based positions. Taking the path of self-employment by becoming a consultant is an option for those with the right amount of experience in the field and the ability to run their own businesses. Working for non-profits focused on limiting the impact of new construction or revitalizing a historic area are other options for both new college graduates and experienced professionals.



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