What are the Different Types of Anxiety Supplements?

Anxiety supplements may come in various forms. Some are all natural or organic, while others are homemade remedies. Some anxiety supplements are herbal treatments specifically formulated for depression or for anxiety relief. Many are in pill or capsule form, while others come in a powdered variety. The herbal remedy known as kava is one such supplement often recommended for anxiety treatment.

While there is typically no miracle anxiety cure, there are several herbal and vitamin supplements known to ease the symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks. These are an option for those individuals who seek an alternative to traditional prescription drug therapies. Homeopathic remedies may be prescribed by doctors who specialize in alternative medicine.

Natural supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids are thought to reduce anxiety levels in many patients. One type of omega-3 sometimes used for anxiety is alpha-linolenic acid or ALA. This ingredient can also be found in concentrated forms in flaxseed oil, either naturally or as a dietary supplement. In some cases, canola oil may also be used as an anxiety supplement. One reason omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial as one of the more common anxiety supplements is that the brain tends to process and store these acids readily.


Other herbal anxiety supplements may include celery seed and lemon balm. Celery seed may be taken in pill or capsule form. Some individuals prefer to combine Valerian root with lemon balm to promote better mental health and help reduce symptoms of sleeplessness and anxiety.

Passionflower, either as an herbal tea supplement or in pill form, is often used as an anxiety supplement. This herb may induce sleep and calm nervous tension, as well as help control anxiety attacks in some individuals. Passionflower consumed as a tea may be considered a safe alternative to higher doses in pill or capsule form. Hops and skullcap are both herbs that also act in a similar way to help promote better sleep and reduce symptoms of anxiety in some individuals.

Increasing or adding vitamin B as a dietary supplement is also used to treat anxiety. Generally, it is considered to be more effective if taken as a separate supplement rather than as a multi-vitamin. Alternately, vitamin B can be consumed by adding more deep green and leafy vegetables to the diet. Whole grains and wheat germ are other good sources, as are eggs.

Patients who suffer from panic attack disorders and depression may find relief from using the herbal supplement known as damiana. The properties found in this herb may reduce symptoms of nervous tension, anxiety, and insomnia. Diabetics who use insulin should avoid taking damiana without consulting with a physician first.

Some anti-anxiety supplements may have harmful effects if used in conjunction with prescription anti-depressant medications. Others may reduce the potency of certain prescription drugs. Before taking anxiety supplements it is best to check with a physician to ensure there is no risk of interaction.



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Safety of E-EPA. From article: "Some anti-anxiety supplements may have harmful effects..."

E-EPA is generally safe to take in conjunction with medications for bi-polar depression, depression and anxiety. For bi-polar depression, E-EPA should always be used in conjunction with your bi-polar medication, and never used as a replacement.

E-EPA may thin the blood, so is not suitable to be used if on Warfarin or other similar medications to thin the blood. Also, E-EPA should not be used two weeks before an operation, as it will increase the time to stop bleeding. E-EPA is processed from fish oil, so this needs to be considered if you have seafood allergies.

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It takes 14g ALA to make 2g EPA. Why not just take 2g E-EPA?

High dose Omega3 fish oil EPA/DHA won't work for depression unless much higher doses are taken than indicated. It's best to take EPA on its own, as EPA is what is lacking in depression and anxiety. EPA is used to make dopamine and serotonin, and extra is used by the body when stressed. DHA competes with EPA for absorption by the body and DHA is absorbed first. DHA is stored in the body, unlike EPA. If you take excess EPA, it can be converted to DHA. The best absorbed form of EPA is E-EPA, which has been purified from toxins and heavy metals, and

with an ethyl molecule added, enabling E-EPA to cross the blood-brain barrier easily, unlike EPA.

5HTP does not work for all types of depression. Do research first. 5HTP makes some kinds of depression worse.

I am not connected in any way commercially to 5HTP or E-EPA sales. I use E-EPA for depression and anxiety. Yes, I tried 5HTP without doing enough research, and the 5HTP made everything worse, plus it gave me bad insomnia and I was unable to sleep.

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