What are the Different Types of Anxiety Remedies?

Anxiety is a common disorder that affects millions of people around the world. People with an anxiety disorder might experience headaches, nausea and panic attacks and can have problems concentrating. In cases of severe anxiety disorders, a person might not be able to lead a normal life or perform everyday activities such as working outside the home or traveling. There are treatments available to treat most types of anxiety. Some of the different types of anxiety remedies are medications, therapy and exercise.

Medication is often one of the common types of anxiety remedies used by doctors. A doctor might prescribe antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications such as Prozac® or Zoloft® to treat the symptoms caused by anxiety. Based on the type of medication prescribed, it might need to be taken daily or only as needed. The medications might cause side effects such as dizziness, memory loss and weight gain. This type of anxiety remedy often works well when it is combined with therapy.


Another type of anxiety remedy is therapy. It is often recommended that people with anxiety speak with a psychiatrist or a counselor regarding their anxiety issues. There are two types of anxiety therapies, cognitive-behavioral therapy and exposure therapy. During the therapy sessions, the therapist might try to identify the cause of the anxiety and discuss ways to help the person work through his or her problem. Depending on the level of anxiety, the therapy sessions might be needed weekly until the patient shows some improvement.

Exercise also is one of the types of anxiety remedies. Studies have shown that daily exercise might help reduce anxiety levels while a person is exercising to get fit or stay fit. It is recommended that beginners start off doing 30 minutes or less of exercise each day. Some good activities might be walking, jogging or weight lifting. Breathing techniques used in yoga can be combined as part of the exercise program.

Having an anxiety disorder doesn't mean that a person can't have a normal life. Some anxiety remedies might work better for others, but there are different treatments available that might suit each individual in a different way. Many physicians try to use medical and natural ways to treat their patients for anxiety disorders.



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I'm 32 and have been having headaches last for the last few weeks, along with buzzing in my ear, nausea when I eat. I fear what is happening to me. I think I have a brain tumor.

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