What are the Different Types of Agricultural Employment?

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Agricultural employment covers a vast sector of jobs in different industries. Careers can range from farming and growing crops to scientific research and business planning. These careers are generally concerned with finding the most profitable ways of cultivating the land.

Some people who work in the business side of agriculture employment are called agricultural economists. Individuals in this area can be hired to manage the financial resources of food firms or government institutions. An important skill in this profession is being able to calculate and predict costs in natural resources, food production and rural development. Often, this type of agricultural employment requires a degree in applied economics or agribusiness.

A biological scientist is another position in the field of agricultural employment. Research in this field often involves studying the relationship between the environment and living organisms. Biological scientists are typically hired at universities or government laboratories to find new ways to preserve the environment and research solutions to health problems. In addition to working in the agricultural field, many of these scientists are employed at hospitals and pharmaceutical industries.


Crop consultants often work directly at farms and provide growers with valuable information about plants. One of the main functions of a consultant is to inspect fields and warn the farmers about problems that might affect the crops, such as insect or rodent infestations. These professionals are also familiar with different types of soil and can give recommendations about fertilizers, as well as advise on the proper care for specific crops. Crop consultants usually do research work during the winter months when the growing season is less busy.

Agricultural employment also extends to forest rangers who work at woodlands and natural parks. Although sometimes qualified in law enforcement, forest rangers often spend much time working on conserving the environment and protecting the wildlife. Some individuals in this area are trained as firefighters, but all rangers have, as one of their most crucial responsibilities, to look out for wildfires and be ready to call for the right kind of help immediately upon discovering one. Other duties can include searching for people lost in the wild, assisting in any rescue operations and treating injuries.

Animal scientists in the agriculture field usually deal with livestock, such as cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. These professionals are trained in animal physiology and nutritional needs. Animal scientists often give advice on livestock breeding and oversee the production of butter, milk, eggs and meat. These scientists are typically employed to find the cheapest ways of raising animals that can be used for human needs.



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