What are the Different Types of Aerobics Training?

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There are many different types of aerobics training, but they all share certain traits. All forms of aerobics training involve a sustained level of exercise that raises the heart rate and increases the oxygen intake over a period of time. Exercises such as jogging, aerobics classes, aerobic boxing, bike riding, some team sports and even some weightlifting and cross training routines can provide excellent aerobics training. Each of these types of aerobics routines has different benefits beyond their aerobic benefits, and this should be a key factor when an athlete determines which form of aerobics training he or she chooses to practice.

Some of the simplest forms of aerobics training are exercises, such as running and cycling, that athletes can perform easily outside of a gym and without any specialized training. In addition to their simplicity, these forms of exercise have the benefit of providing very focused aerobics training. They involve repetitive motion, so it is quite easy for an athlete to find a pace that will allow him or her to sustain the exercise for a good bit of time and thus to get a thorough workout. As a result of the simplicity of the workouts, though, the athlete often does not provide the full-body workout that some other forms of aerobics training can provide.


Another effective type of aerobics training involves specific routines that often involve classes or a personal trainer, such as aerobics boxing and kickboxing or general aerobics classes. These types of workouts are very effective as a form of aerobic exercise because they were designed with this goal in mind. They also have the benefit of providing a very complete workout for the whole body because they require the athlete to perform a wide variety of motions. Beginning athletes, though, sometimes can struggle to perform the routines, especially for a lengthy period of time, thus limiting the aerobic benefit.

For many athletes, team sports provide an adequate form of aerobics training, as long as the sport involves a lot of sustained motion. Sports such as basketball and soccer are very effective forms of aerobics training because of the quantity of running that they require and the infrequency of breaks. They also are effective because, although they require a great deal of running, they also require the body to perform other actions such as jumping and throwing, and this contributes to a more complete body workout. Sports such as football and baseball are far less effective, because the effort that these sports require tends to occur in focused bursts.



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