What Are the Different Types of Adult Loft Beds?

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Parents often buy loft beds for their kids because kids' bedrooms tend to be smaller than others. Of course, adult loft beds exist as well, and they are useful for people living in tight apartments or other smaller spaces. Various types of adult loft beds exist, some accommodating sleepers on both the top bunk and bottom bunk, while others accommodate sleepers on the top of the frame and storage space beneath. The general structure of the loft bed for an adult will be similar to that of a child's loft bed, but some adult beds will be larger.

Most loft beds for children are twin size, which is suitable for smaller people. For average sized adults, it is usually best to consider adult loft beds with full size mattresses. These tend to be larger than twin mattresses but smaller than queen size mattresses, and they are the perfect size for providing sleeping comfort without taking up too much space in a room. Sometimes adult loft beds will feature two full mattresses, one at the top of the frame and one at the bottom; in other cases, only one full mattress will be positioned at the top of the frame. The space underneath the mattress can then be used for other purposes.


One of the most common configurations of adult loft beds is the high mattress and low desk. The mattress will be positioned on the top of the bed frame, and a ladder will run from the floor to the mattress itself so the adult can easily get into and out of the bed. Underneath the bed frame, a desk or work station will be built into the frame to allow the adult to have a functional work area. A desk chair can easily fit in this space as well, though the chair is rarely, if ever, an actual fixed component on the frame itself.

Custom adult loft beds can be built into a room or space to provide a comfortable sleeping quarters; this is useful in apartments with high ceilings. The cost of installing such a bed will usually be fairly high, since the bed will need to be custom made and usually installed by a professional who can integrate the bed into the rest of the room. The configurations are virtually endless, though it is best to have a professional assess a particular space to figure out what type of bed can safely be built.



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