What are the Different Treatments for Thinning Hair?

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The treatments for thinning hair are numerous and varied because of the many possible reasons for this problem. Hair can begin to thin because of issues such as stress, medication, or poor diet. Genetics also plays a role in how soon a person’s hair starts to thin with age, and it is usually helpful to know the cause of thinning hair in order to best treat it. Eating healthier, feeling less stressed, and using a special shampoo are some of the most common ways to reduce hair loss. Sometimes it is beneficial to try out multiple treatments for thinning hair to find one that works best.

Biotin is a B vitamin that is found in foods such as nuts, eggs, and soy. A biotin deficiency due to having a poor diet usually leads to hair loss, and it is widely believed, though not scientifically proven, that biotin can encourage healthy hair growth. This vitamin is available in tablet and shampoo forms, but researchers are doubtful that biotin can be absorbed through the skin. For treating hair loss, biotin is best taken orally as a tablet or through foods that are rich in biotin, but it might not prove useful unless the person is suffering from a biotin deficiency.


Hundreds of prescription drugs are capable of causing hair loss, and sometimes even treatments for thinning hair can result in hair loss. Certain antibiotics, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and weight-loss drugs are other common medications with the potential to disrupt normal hair growth. Treating thinning hair caused by prescribed drugs can be as simple as requesting that the doctor let the patient try another drug to treat an illness. It is important not to stop taking the drug unless advised to do so by a doctor, however, even if the hair is thinning severely.

Stress is another common cause of hair loss, in which case the person will likely benefit from better stress management techniques. In the meantime, a shampoo designed to encourage hair growth may help. Hair loss remedies taken orally by pill can prevent the production of the horomone dihydrotestosterone, which is known to cause hair loss. In addition to these treatments for thinning hair, some liquids designed to revitalize shrunken hair follicles have also been effective at encouraging hair growth.

Hair will typically thin naturally with age, though genetics plays a role in how soon this begins to take place. In the case of hair thinning due to age, the person can use special shampoos, hair loss supplements, or hair loss remedies such as pills or liquids. A popular thinning hair treatment is a hair transplant, in which a hair restoration surgeon takes hair from one part of the body and moves it to the balding spot. This treatment is generally more expensive than the rest, and results vary, but it can be very effective for some people.



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