What Are the Different Treatments for Anger?

The different treatments for anger include being prescribed antidepressant medication, attending anger management counseling or taking anticonvulsants and mood stabilizers. Studies also reveal that laughter is a very good way to relieve anger. Everyone displays anger, to a certain extent, but some people may not be able to control their anger at all and must seek out treatment in order to lead a balanced and happy life.

Antidepressant medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are prescribed as treatments for anger in teens. Children and teenagers who have problems with aggression and anger have an imbalance of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Low levels of serotonin cause signals being sent within the brain to become mixed. As a result, teens with a serotonin imbalance suffer from depression and anger problems.

Anger management support groups benefit those seeking help for anger by allowing them to freely speak about their problems. Support meetings help people address the causes of the explosive rage within themselves, and individuals with anger issues benefit from talking with others who share the same type of struggle. Most anger management support groups have professional counselors available to talk with attendees. Joining a support group in addition to taking any prescribed medication for anger can lead to successful treatment.


Doctors also use anticonvulsant medications and mood stabilizers as treatment for anger as studies show that anticonvulsants help to treat pathologic aggression. Mood stabilizers are generally prescribed for people with borderline personality disorder and control anger by stabilizing neurotransmitters.

Experts believe the origin of anger within a person stems from several different sources. Anger may come from an imbalance in the brain and the body, and current feelings of anger can be due to old trauma. It is necessary for people to seek out treatment for anger because it can affect brain function and causes changes at a cellular level.

Likewise, people who come into contact with individuals who have uncontrolled anger problems are at risk at risk for emotional abuse. Rage is a factor in abusive relationships, and mental health experts believe that rage and aggression can make an angry person feel more powerful.

Anger that is not used to physically harm or manipulate another person is healthy, but when anger is expressed inappropriately or suppressed, it is unhealthy. Rage is a factor in abusive relationships, and chronic aggression makes people more susceptible to heart problems. When anger is left untreated it can cause mental damage. Problems with anger should be discussed with a health professional to determine the best treatment.



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Exercise is great for anger. When I'm angry, I call time out. I leave the house and hit the gym. I work out and jog until all my frustration is gone. It's great.

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@burcidi-- That's great. It takes a lot of courage to admit that there is a problem and seek help, so kudos to your father. I hope you will continue to support him.

I also had anger issues and used medications for a while. It's not easy to control anger. It's something that has to be learned and psychologists are definitely very helpful.

It has taken me years of therapy and effort to learn to keep my anger under control, but it was worth it. The important thing to remember is that change is possible and it will happen.

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My dad has just been put on an SSRI medication because of his anger management issues. I think it has made a huge difference. He is more relaxed now and rarely gets upset. And when he is upset, he doesn't yell at us and break things like he used to do.

It took some convincing for him to see a doctor but I think he was also unhappy with the way he's been acting. He will also be going to therapy soon so that he can learn new and healthier ways to vent his anger. I'm very happy that he's finally done something about his problem.

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