What Are the Different Travel Occupational Therapist Jobs?

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Occupational therapists are trained to provide patients suffering from disabilities with skills that help them function as independently as possible in their everyday life. There are many institutions that employ occupational therapists, ranging from nursing homes, extended care and independent living facilities to hospitals and schools. While some occupational therapists are employed as staff members of a facility, others work in travel occupational therapist jobs.

Travel occupational therapist jobs may involve local travel only, but can also involve regional or national travel. A variety of health care companies provide travel jobs for occupational therapists, as well as physical therapists and therapist assistants. Though travel occupational therapist jobs are likely to be more prevalent in a localized region, there are plenty of opportunities to travel nationally. The employing health care service company or staffing agency may have only local or regional contracts, while others may have national contracts, sending therapists when and where needed.

Certified occupational therapists may enjoy travel jobs as they provide a fairly regular change of scenery along with variation in the job. Those who choose to accept travel occupational therapist jobs are often individuals with no significant other or dependent children, but anyone who enjoys and is able to travel frequently can be successful. Most of the travel jobs offered to therapists involve short-term assignment and travel jobs can providing an income earning option for those having trouble finding permanent, full-time staff positions.


Travel occupational therapist jobs can vary widely depending on the assignment. Some assignments may involve skilled nursing facilities followed by pediatrics. While the environment may change with each assignment, those who travel nationally may also find that each assignment is in a different part of the country. The employing company or staffing agency is usually responsible for securing lodging for the duration of the travel therapist’s assignment. Therapists who are hired for local travel only are typically responsible for their own lodging and transportation.

Some aspects of travel therapist jobs may be negotiable, such as salary, travel frequency and distance, but other points such as insurance, benefits and reimbursement may not be. New graduates entering the field should research the various companies providing travel jobs, including pay and benefits, as it can be difficult to travel frequently if a company is not organized and supportive of its staff. Travel occupational therapists jobs are a good fit for individuals looking to gain experience in a variety of health care settings, while also having the opportunity to travel.



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