What are the Different Title Insurance Jobs?

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A person who has a career as a title insurance professional primarily confirms titles to property but also performs other tasks related to title insurance. The title insurance worker assists companies by conducting research on the property, checking owner history and issuing insurance. Usually individuals in the title insurance business have an experience in real estate, insurance or law. Some of the different title insurance jobs often include clerks and researchers.

One of the available title insurance jobs is a real estate title insurance processor. This title insurance position entails duties such as reading title searches to verify ownership and drafting title commitments. Other tasks include contacting clients to schedule closings and working with mortgage lenders. This real estate employee also has to process title paperwork, loan documents and prepare final closing papers.

The title officer is one of the other title insurance jobs for people in the title insurance business. Some of the title officer’s responsibilities are determining the status of titles and analyzing deeds and easements. There are also judicial duties with this position since most companies rely on the title officer to correspond with attorneys about title documents. This person is also in charge of recording titles at the courthouse and forwarding researched title information to underwriting departments.


Another career related to title insurance jobs is that of a title examiner clerk. The title examiner primarily looks through public records to determine the legal status of property and make sure it is officially out of foreclosure or bankruptcy. He or she examines records including mortgages, liens and tax documents to verify ownership. A title examiner clerk also has to read maps and property lines for land restrictions. This person makes copies of the records for a real estate or title insurance company and then scans these into an electronic imaging system.

Different title insurance jobs also involve property that is in escrow and companies requiring a title insurance escrow assistant to work in this department. The escrow assistant reviews and draft documents for mortgages and figures up escrow amounts. Other duties include preparing Housing and Urban Development (HUD) documents and processing title insurance requests.

In order to get one of the many title insurance jobs, employees need to have good computer and telephone skills. Individuals must also know how to perform research and be familiar with searching for documents at the courthouse. Candidates need to be able to analyze title information and assist underwriters and mortgage companies.



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