What are the Different Tax Accountant Jobs?

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Tax accountant jobs vary greatly from one organization to the next, but all are generally responsible for ensuring federal, state and local taxes are properly filed and paid. Some of the more common jobs include corporate tax accountants, personal income tax accountants, senior tax accountants and international tax accountants. All of these roles serve the same basic function, but each must understand different tax laws and codes to successfully perform the various jobs.

Corporate tax accountant jobs are normally found within businesses that deal with large sums of income and expenses. No matter if the company provides a service or produces a product, there must be trained accounting professionals to help balance the complex books. These tax accounting jobs require a knowledge of federal, state and local taxes as they apply to the business. In addition, the accountant must also have a firm understanding of the corporate structure, because he is often in charge of only specific departments within the corporation and must ensure that he is properly filing all taxes.


Where personal finances are concerned, income tax accountants are experts in the field. These individuals often work independently or as part of a firm of accountants. Unlike corporate accountants, who work for a single client, income tax accountants frequently handle several different customers. These jobs also require a detailed knowledge of federal, state and local taxes, but must apply the laws to individual income taxes. In many cases, this tax accountant job description requires an ability to audit a client's finances to determine overall gross income and discover write-offs that can lower a tax payment.

No matter if the tax accountant jobs are for personal or corporate entities, the senior accountant job is usually considered the highest level of responsibility. This job, found in both settings, requires the accountant to be an expert on all taxes and laws, but also utilize management skills. Balancing department budgets, hiring new employees and dealing with difficulties in the office are part of the mixture of accountant and manager this job offers.

Many companies deal with trade and sales between multiple countries and often a traditional tax accountant does not have the proper tax knowledge. In this case, international tax accountant jobs are necessary. These individuals are masters of tax laws and codes for their own country, as well as the taxes for any other country shipping and receiving goods. These taxes often need to be paid in several nations. Various tariffs and customs are also important to know when calculating international taxes.



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