What are the Different System Administrator Jobs?

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System administrator jobs include a number of different functions. There are also related career opportunities that a person interested in working in this area may want to consider. Other than working as a systems administrator, they may want to learn more about the duties performed by a network administrator, a database administrator, and a web administrator.

The system administrator is a person with a good understanding of how computer operating systems work. He must also be well-versed in computer hardware and software applications. People working in system administrator jobs must also have good troubleshooting skills, since part of their job description is to diagnose problems and correct them. Being able to work well under pressure is another important trait, since no business can afford to have its computer system down for any length of time without productivity being affected.

A person who is working as a network administrator focuses their attention on the company's Local Area Network (LAN). They are responsible for setting up and installing the LAN. Once it's up and running, the network administrator also looks after making sure that it remains functional by performing regular maintenance checks on the LAN.


The network administrator is also responsible for investigating any problems that users are having with the LAN. He or she analyzes the situation and implements a solution. Good communication skills are also required, since the network administrator is also responsible for conducting training sessions so that new employees can work with it effectively. Follow-up sessions for existing employees are also conducted by the network administrator to ensure that all staff are using the technology effectively.

People who are looking at system administrator jobs may want to consider becoming a database administrator. This professional is responsible for taking the information that an organization collects and devising a way to organize and store it. The database administrator may also be involved in backing up the data or in implementing security measures.

Another example of a career choice related to system administrator jobs is that of web administrator. The person who works in this capacity is responsible for ensuring that a company web site is functioning properly. They also look after connectivity issues between the company web site and its network. The web administrator also monitors the company's e-mail functions. Making sure that firewalls are functioning properly is another part of the web administrator's job description.



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