What are the Different School Teacher Supplies?

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When most people think of school teacher supplies, they often think of accessories that are meant to supplement what is found in the average classroom. For example, chalkboard erasers or dry erase markers are often marketed as school teacher supplies. However, teacher school supplies can include more than what is necessary to teach in a classroom. They can help make a teacher's classroom his or her own while engaging students on an intellectual level.

School teacher supplies are wide and varied. In many instances, teachers' school supplies are limited only by the personalities of their owners. Generally, teachers are most interested in those supplies that can enhance their teaching ability. For this reason, teacher school supplies that help facilitate education and personal organization are at the top of many teachers' back-to-school shopping lists.

Classroom decorations are some of the most common school teacher supplies. Accents, banners, borders, charts, clings, letters, paper rolls and posters can be found in almost every classroom and in the aisles of teacher school supply stores. In addition to being purchased based on a teacher's personality, decorations can be chosen depending on season, classroom theme or the ages of students. Many teachers choose decorations that include lessons, such as borders that display the alphabet or posters that show chemical elements.


Furniture can be a big part of a successful classroom. Teachers recognize that students need adequate and comfortable areas in which to study and learn. Activity tables, desks, chairs, display cases, rugs, mats and playground equipment are only a few items that can be purchased to populate a classroom. Selecting furniture will likely hinge on the teachers' and students' needs as well the students' ages.

For any teacher, organization is a big part of running a classroom. Certain school supplies can help a teacher order his or her classroom so that chaos is minimized and students are more likely to focus on lessons. Cubbies, bookshelves, lockers and other storage units, including those which are mobile, can bring the integral element of organization into any classroom. In addition, organization units like bins, tubs and cubbie trays can be used within the storage units for additional organization solutions.

Personal organization solutions can be found when teachers are looking for school teacher supplies. Folders, portfolios, graders, graphic organizers, planners and record books can aid a teacher in getting a handle on a classroom's activities. These materials can also be used as substitute teacher supplies if a long-term substitute is interested in organizing lessons or keeping records of his instruction while the permanent teacher is away.



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