What are the Different Scabies Causes?

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Some of the different scabies causes in humans are from sharing bedding or clothing with another person. Prolonged skin contact is another one of the possible scabies causes, but one person must already have scabies in order for the other person to get it. It is also possible for a person to get scabies from an animal, but this is incredibly rare because the type of scabies mites that feed on animals are different from the ones that feed on humans. Scabies mites from animals do not typically stay on human hosts for long because they cannot thrive as well on their blood.

Symptoms of scabies are usually the same for most people. Scabies often starts with itchy skin combined with crusty red bumps that might cover the entire body. The bumps usually start in one location on the body and spread to other parts. Even though the bumps tend to be all over the body, they are often very numerous in the folds of skin, such as in the armpits or under the buttocks. Most of the time, the itching is worse at night and eases up throughout the day. Even after the scabies have been effectively treated, the itching usually persists for a few weeks.


The different scabies causes do not determine how scabies is treated. Doctors usually treat it the same way no matter how a person got it. In most cases, scabies is treated with various creams that are applied to the entire body a few times a week for a couple of weeks. Medicated shampoos may also be prescribed for people who have bumps on their scalp. People might also benefit from using tea tree oil at home to help kill the scabies mites and to get some relief from the constant itching. It is usually necessary to wash all bedding and clothing in very hot water to keep scabies from coming back once it has been treated, because the mites may reinfect a person if they are still living on these items.

Prevention may be the best way to avoid the different scabies causes. People who live in very close quarters with many other people tend to be at higher risk of scabies. This is particularly a concern when showers and bedding are shared between a large number of people. A person who wants to prevent scabies may be able to do so by never sharing his or her clothing or towels with other people. If bedding is shared, it may be a good idea to wash it regularly in very hot water.



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