What are the Different Retail Manager Jobs?

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Retail manager jobs are often divided among the general, assistant, and shift manager positions. General managers are commonly responsible for the entire retail operation. Assistant managers help the general manager and are generally the acting lead when the general manager is away. Other than the general and assistant manager, shift managers are typically the most experienced staff members working at a given time. All three managerial jobs customarily require a comprehensive understanding of the daily operations of the retail location.

Most retail manager jobs require some form of accounting paperwork. General managers are typically tasked with completing profit and loss statements to track profitability. Assistant mangers usually help by logging daily sales totals and keeping accurate change counts. A shift manager may be asked to count in-and-out cash drawers from the register. Losses are ultimately the responsibility of the general manager, but may also fall on the manager who was in charge at the time of loss.

Human resources duties are generally performed by the general and assistant manager. Interviewees are often screened by the assistant manager before they meet with the general manager. A teamwork approach to hiring new employees reinforces the authority of both top managers. Payroll concerns and staff termination are usually the responsibility of the general manager. Retail manager jobs in corporately owned locations may not require the on-site management to handle staffing issues.

Theft prevention is a duty shared by all levels of retail management. Customer and employee theft are major concerns of almost every retail business. Retail manager jobs generally require all levels of management to watch the merchandise from the floor or by video surveillance. Assistant or shift managers may be asked to search employee backpacks and purses if internal theft is an issue. Policy enforcement and police interactions are typically handled by the general and assistant managers.

Many retail manager jobs include assisting or supervising regular inventory counts. Employees are typically asked to stay after closing hours to physically count merchandise. The general manager uses information gathered during the physical counts to reconcile losses and restock the shelves. Placing orders and communicating with suppliers is usually the job of the assistant and general manager. Some ordering responsibilities are delegated to shift managers who show interest and initiative.

The duties of a retail manager can change on a daily basis. Emergencies and unforeseen situations may require managers to cover for any member of the staff. Successful retail managers often know how to do the job of everyone on their staff.


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