What Are the Different Recruitment Manager Jobs?

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Recruitment manager jobs might specialize in a particular industry or involve any opening within a firm or agency. A recruitment manager assists a company in finding suitable employees when a vacancy exists. He or she might do everything from preparing a job description to overseeing the actual hiring process.

When a company opening comes up, one of the recruitment manager jobs includes creating a job description and circulating it to advertise the vacancy to a large pool of prospective employees. He or she might use the Internet, trade journals, and professional associations to announce the opening. An online application process might broaden the number of qualified candidates seeking a career change.

Recruitment manager jobs also entail reviewing applications and selecting top candidates to move onto the interview process. He or she might advise department managers about effective interviewing techniques and current laws that govern the hiring and firing process. One of the most important recruitment manager jobs is devising a system of attracting experienced individuals to a company when a shortage in that field exists.


A person in this position might also administer tests to prospective employees. Some firms use aptitude tests as an early screening tool to narrow the list of qualified candidates. These are typically timed tests with multiple-choice questions. A form of this testing might be repeated in face-to-face interviews with the top applicants. Recruitment manager jobs might also consist of personality evaluations to give managers an idea about how the applicant interacts with others.

Some companies use a recruitment consultant firm instead of staff managers. Consultants link employers with people seeking a job, basically performing recruitment manager jobs through contacts with numerous companies. Sometimes called headhunters, these consultants screen candidates and perform background investigations to identify the best applicants for the opening.

The consultant might schedule interviews and rank the candidates for the employer. He or she typically answers any questions about salary, working conditions, and the potential for advancement within the firm. Sometimes, a recruitment consultant participates in salary negotiations between the company and chosen candidate.

Recruitment manager jobs require working with diverse types of people. The person in this position should possess good people skills and be able to work independently. He or she typically handles several job openings at once. Most large firms prefer someone with previous experience in management, and a degree in human resources, personnel management, or some related field.



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