What are the Different Reasons to get a GED?

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There are many different reasons to get a general education diploma (GED). A main one is that having earned the diploma is increasingly important for employment seekers who didn't graduate high school, as there is often competition for even the most basic type of job. Other reasons to get a GED include going on to college, self-achievement and setting a good example.

Parents who didn't finish high school when they were younger often want to set a good example for their children by completing a GED. Rather than just telling their children to stay in school, it's possible for parents to get a GED by keeping to a study routine that can fit in with their responsibilities to their families. When children see mom or dad studying hard and making a commitment to achieving high school equivalency, it may make them see the importance of education. Their parent isn't just voicing the value, but actively pursuing it for himself or herself.


A GED gives people who regretted dropping out of high school for whatever reason a second chance. The effort and commitment it takes to get a GED can bring about a very real sense of self-achievement. People who maybe felt ashamed or that they couldn't learn are often surprised that, with consistent effort and determination, they can pass each required course in a GED program. For some people, this may mean extra tutoring and an increased amount of focus in a certain subject area such as math or English. By succeeding in passing even their toughest courses, people who earn a GED may feel much more empowered and confident in themselves.

Going on to college is a popular reason to get a GED, as it's usually impossible to do this without such high school equivalency credentials. Earning a GED also helps mentally prepare students for the even tougher college courses by giving them a basic, well-rounded education and experience at studying and taking exams. Increasingly, a GED is also needed to enter many job training programs, especially in an economic downturn when the number of applicants exceeds the program intake limit.

A GED is also crucial when even service industry jobs in restaurants are competitive. Those who don't get a GED may be passed over for workers who have this general education diploma. A GED may be known as a grade 12 equivalency diploma or other names depending on the country.



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