What Are the Different Quinapril Side Effects?

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Medications that are often used in treating high blood pressure, such as quinapril, can carry a risk of adverse effects, even at therapeutic dosages. Most individuals do not experience these effects, although they are possible, and serious side effects are even more rare. People taking this drug should be aware of the potential quinapril side effects that can occur, however, so that they can determine whether certain symptoms could be a result of this substance.

As with many medications, the more commonly seen quinapril side effects are relatively minor, and do not require medical attention. Diarrhea, nausea, and headaches may sometimes occur when taking this medication, but most individuals that experience these symptoms tend to become tolerant to them after several days of use. Dizziness and fatigue may also arise, but most individuals only need to contact a doctor about these effects if they persist for long periods of time, or if they interfere with daily activities.


Rarely, more serious adverse effects can occur when using this drug. Some of these quinapril side effects could require medical attention to ensure that they do not indicate more severe medical problems. These symptoms include seizures, unexplained bleeding, mood changes, fainting, or numbness. Changes in weight and vision could also possibly be a cause for concern, and individuals experiencing these usually choose to consult a doctor. One of the rarest side effects, a swelling of the skin and other tissue known as angioedema, can often be fatal if it is not treated quickly.

Allergic reactions are sometimes possible when taking many medications, including this one. Quinapril side effects that could indicate an allergic reaction include breathing difficulties, swelling of the face, rashes, and itching. Generally, when these types of effects occur, individuals usually choose to seek medical attention. This is because, while most allergic reactions are fairly mild, they can be life-threatening in certain situations.

Clinical studies have been performed by the manufacturer of this drug to determine how common these side effects, involving up to 1,500 people per trial. Only around 5 to 7% of the people taking this medication experienced quinapril side effects that were so severe that they opted to stop treatment. The most commonly reported adverse effects were headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, affecting 5, 4, and 2% of people in these trials, respectively, although only a small proportion of people reporting these effects stopped taking the drug because of them.



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