What are the Different Psychologist Jobs?

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Psychology studies how the mind functions, and its primary goal is to understand how and why humans behave in certain ways. People who work in the field of psychology are called psychologists. Psychologist jobs vary according to the type of patients a psychologist sees. These mental health professionals may work with children, adults, or elderly people. They help patients deal with emotional problems, depression, and the stresses of life.

Although psychologists are doctors, they do not prescribe medication to their patients. Anyone who wishes to perform psychologist jobs must first earn a bachelor degree in psychology from an accredited college or university. After earning an undergraduate degree in the field, students enter graduate school. In graduate school, they choose to specialize in a specific psychology area.

These areas determine the psychologist jobs they will be qualified to perform. Some graduate students may major in school, clinical psychology, or counseling psychology. Others may specialize in industrial psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, or research psychology.

School psychologists work primarily with children in the school system. They help to address behavior, learning, or emotional issues in students. School psychologists collaborate with teachers, principals, and parents to develop school environments that are conducive to learning.


Clinical psychologists help patients deal with emotional issues relating to depression, anxiety, emotional crises, and addiction. They may assist patients who are having difficulties coping with the stress of chronic injuries and illnesses. A clinical psychologist may counsel groups and families in addition to individual patients. This type of psychologist works with people of all ages, from children to elderly patients.

Counseling psychology helps people deal with a variety of problems in life. This form of psychologist treats patients who experience mental health disorders or grapple with problems that deal with mourning a dead loved one. Counseling psychologists may also help people who have problems at work or experience difficulties in their interpersonal relationships.

More specialized forms of psychology include developmental psychology, industrial psychology, research psychology, and social psychology. A developmental psychologist studies how humans develop throughout every stage of life. Industrial psychologists help company managers increase worker productivity and morale. Research psychologists study both human and animal behavior. They conduct experiments to determine how external factors affect the behavior of the subjects who are being studied. Social psychologists study human behavior and how humans interact with one another in certain situations.

Professionals who perform psychologist jobs can work in a variety of settings. Some psychology professionals work in hospitals, nursing homes, or other medical facilities. Other psychologists may work in school environments or at agencies that help young people. They may choose to work from home or in an office as well. Social and research psychologists usually work in universities.



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