What are the Different Property Manager Jobs?

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There are many different opportunities in property manager jobs. When thinking of property management, one may think of handling large buildings like commercial property or apartment communities. However, many property manager jobs include handling a wide range and size of properties that are in the process of either being developed, leased or sold to consumers on a larger scale for a variety of purposes.

A background or interest in business and real estate as well as experience working directly with consumers is helpful when considering a career in property management. Property managers most often start out in some other aspect of building, real estate management, or community involvement. Many property managers start out in this field as on-site leasing agents for apartment buildings or maintenance personnel at commercial buildings. Other property managers start out with a general interest in real estate and may wish to work independently – something that approximately half of all property managers eventually end up doing.


Rental property manager jobs are the most plentiful of property management jobs, as there are multiple opportunities to work as a property leasing or rental manager around the world. At every rental property, someone must be in charge of arranging rentals for new tenants, collecting rental payments, ensuring the safety and services of the building or property are maintained and assisting tenants when they choose to vacate rentals. The rental property manager handles all the aspects of managing rental properties generally from an onsite office.

Residential property managers may also be referred to as landlords, realtors or apartment managers. They handle all the aspects of a residential property, such as an apartment, condominium, family home, or multiple family home. Residential property manager jobs involve working with tenants who decide to purchase a residential property or lease a residential unit on a periodic basis by collecting legal and financial information, plus managing payments or financing. These managers often work as liaison with other property managers or residential companies.

Commercial property managers have similar jobs to residential and rental property managers, except that the duties of this role are on a much larger scale. Commercial property managers are tasked with the management of a commercial type building or property. The duties of the commercial property manager jobs are to oversee the general purpose of the commercial building, the surrounding natural grounds, the flow of people within the building, and the general safety and security of the property during its use.



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