What are the Different Options for Ornamental Aluminum Fences?

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Although ornamental aluminum fences are often considered an affordable alternative to traditional wrought iron, this kind of fence can also be aesthetically pleasing and may even improve a home’s value by increasing curb appeal. This type of fence tends to be suitable for many different kinds of properties, from sprawling estates to smaller suburban-style homes. Aluminum fences can be very similar to wrought iron, and it may even be difficult to tell the difference between the two. This kind of fencing is often a popular choice to enclose a pool area since it tends to resist rust, is easy to maintain and may offer different gate options. It can be found in both city and country applications, and typically comes in colors of green, white, beige or black.

In an urban area, ornamental aluminum fences may be installed with security in mind, with added finials at the top of the pickets to discourage intruders from scaling the fence. The finials come in different sizes, from animal shapes to Victorian-style spears, allowing homeowners the option of both protecting their property and creating a unique fence. Although the finials are intended to deter prowlers with their sharp edges, they also lend a finished look to a fence, with sprays of gold-painted leaves or double-headed arrows. Sometimes this kind of fencing is combined with unique stonework as well, which may make for a stately looking property barrier.


For a country setting, ornamental aluminum fences are also available in post and rail styles that are very similar to the more traditional split-rail wood fencing that is often used on ranches and farms. This kind of fence may come in neutral colors of beige or white, which may complement and blend in with a farm house. Ornamental aluminum fences are usually maintenance free, as opposed to wood, which may require annual treatments to make sure it doesn't deteriorate in harsh weather conditions. From a distance, this kind of fencing may even be mistaken for split rail fencing.

Homeowners often decide to use ornamental aluminum fences poolside since they are known to be strong as steel and come with an assortment of gate sizes and styles. Since these fences usually resist rust, and may even offer some sort of warranty, they tend to be popular for heavily trafficked pool areas. Many local governments require fencing around a pool for safety reasons, so installing an aluminum fence not only can showcase a pool, but also may give homeowners some peace of mind.



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