What are the Different Occupational Therapist Assistant Jobs?

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There are four different types of occupational therapist assistant jobs: private practice, working for a health care services firm, working in a rehabilitation facility, and working for a government agency. An occupational therapist assistant works with clients who have been ill or suffered a debilitating injury. He or she works closely with the client to complete the items required by the occupational therapist.

In order to qualify for occupational therapist assistant jobs, you will need to complete a post-secondary training program from a community or career college. This program is typically one to two years in length. These courses focus on working directly with clients, understanding human psychology, how to motivate, and other related skills.

Many occupational therapist assistants work directly with clients in their own homes. He or she is usually introduced to the client by the occupational therapist during a home visit. Follow-up visits to ensure that the client is following the program are completed by the assistant. A schedule of visits is agreed upon, along with the tasks that the assistant will perform.


There are a broad range of occupational therapist assistant jobs available in a health services support firm. These private organizations offer a wide range of therapies and support services to clients. The patient or family can arrange for this service to provide an occupational therapist assistant two days a week, a physical therapist once a week and a massage therapist every two weeks. The occupational therapist assistant works with the other members of the health services team to make sure that the client is progressing and receiving the level of care required.

Occupational therapist assistant jobs as instructors can be found at local community centers, teaching life skills to groups of people who are struggling with life management. These courses are non-certificate and usually two to three hours in length. They are very focused on a specific topic and intended to address one issue per course.

In order to become an instructor, many professionals complete a certificate program in adult education. Learning the most effective way to teach adults can be a huge help when making this career transition. Group presentation and public speaking skills can also be very helpful.

Many social services related government agencies have occupational therapist assistant jobs. He or she is typically responsible for working with the occupational therapist and social worker to meet the client's needs. Services funded by the government are typically restricted to the elderly or specific types of special needs clients.



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